Clean your Record!

Now is the time.

Thanks to a new Oklahoma law that went into effect on November 1, 2012, thousands of Oklahomans may now, for the first time EVER, have the right to CLEAN their records permanently.

Imagine being able to confidently state that you have NEVER been arrested. No longer will your application be set in a different stack, those reserved for people with criminal history. If you have my office expunge your arrest, you will NEVER have to disclose your arrest again.

The new law does not cover everyone. Generally, you need to have entered a plea to a misdemeanor and received a deferred sentence and two years must have passed since the expiration of that sentence. This is ideal for those who have received a one time charge, such as a DUI, and otherwise have a clean record. However, the statute covers several other areas as well as lesser level expungements that may be available. I encourage you to call my office and speak with me personally about your case. Initial consultations are always free.

My office can expunge a case ANYWHERE in the State of Oklahoma if you qualify under the new law.


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